Trek Across Maryland: Day 2 for Conlon Bosley

Trek Across Maryland: Day 2 for Conlon Bosley

Monday August 8 2016 – Cumberland


Day 2 of our trek is for Conlon Bosley who just has his last chemo treatment this past Thursday. More on his story below… We are about to start the 43rd mile of this trek through the historic, picturesque mountain city of Cumberland. I love the rugged terrain and gothic architecture, but it will be the most challenging terrain of the entire week. I am anxious for Larry to get his drone up and show even more than I can…

Note: We are starting with a collective group total of over $18,500… Our goal is $50K. Link to donate is below…

Garrett County yesterday was more flat than you might imagine, but still plenty of hills. Today we will pass by Rocky Gap, up few more steep mountains, and after switching back to our bikes at mile 27… We then ride over the top of Sideling Hill! Not the blasted cut that Interstate 68 cut through, but over the top. I welcome this because it is my choice. My first year I remember hitting that point an not knowing how I was still moving, but I could not stop. I never did!  I also never did NOT lose my leg at age 14, so I will gladly use them to encourage kids like Conlan to fight his tumor.

You can track us live on our trek page. Pics and video will be shared on Twitter and Instagram (@justinweather).  Also see Mid Atlantic Aerial for drone video from my crew chief Larry Rogers.  More on my team below Conlons’s story.

Day 2 Map

Ross Sober joins me again, and Cindy Niver who met us for the bike portion yesterday will be doing this entrée day. More on her below.

Conlan Bosley

  • 4 years old
  • Type of Cancer: Wilms Tumor
  • Lives in Parkville, MD

Day 2 Conlan Monday Aug 8Conlan Bosley was diagnosed with Wilms tumor, a solid tumor cancer of the kidney during one of Maryland’s largest snowstorms at the end of January, 2016. Conlan has always been an active child since birth. He has a love for gymnastics, swimming and rock climbing. Excited to go play in 30+ Inches of snow, Conlan accidentally fell and hit his side. His unusual reaction alarmed his parents and he was taken to the hospital, via a hike in waist deep snow, a four wheeler and an ambulance with chains. What is so kid-like, falling while playing, revealed a deeper problem. Conlan had cancer.


He was immediately admitted to the hospital , transported to Johns Hopkins and underwent surgery to remove the tumor and his kidney. Conlan’s treatment plan has included radiation therapy and months of chemotherapy treatments. Conlan’s strength and charisma truly amazes his family, friends and his team of Doctors and Nurses at the John Hopkins Children’s Hospital. Conlan has become such a superhero in his fight against cancer.




Note that the donation page I am sending you is my portion of the team. This is a collective effort and every penny goes to Cool Kids Campaign for programs that benefit pediatric patients and their families.


More About Why I Do This Trek

My Story

By the Numbers: Why 14 and 41 play such a big role

Video: My come from behind track victory 3 years after almost losing my leg


Cindy Niver- I must give a shout out to Blackbird Crossfit in Eldersburg when I mention Cindy. Her crew organized a last minute road race on a very hot Sunday morning in July to support out trek. They raised $680 that day, and along with Tri-Sports Junction have added over $4,000 to our total of – – – –  today.

Track our Trek

  • Trek Home Page– includes live tracking and more background stories.

Live broadcasts will be on Facebook. Most photos throughout the day will be posted on Twitter and Instagram. Videos will be posted on YouTube.


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