Funnel Cloud Or Tornado On Maryland Eastern Shore

Funnel Cloud Or Tornado On Maryland Eastern Shore

tornado_EastonJuly 28 – Severe storms erupted across our region today. There has been plenty of warnings including for a tornado in Talbot County Maryland just after noon. There has been no tornado reports or confirmation to the Storm Prediction Center as of this evening, despite that being a criteria for a warning. The radar image below shows the conditions as this storm moved onshore from the Chesapeake Bay to the northeast. But it was a series of photos showing a very distinct funnel cloud traveled on the norther edge of the storm cell passing through Oxford and Easton. One of these images was inappropriate to say the least. I was hesitant to share or repost the photo on Facebook, in fact I wasn’t sure if it was real, but there are other photos form other people nearby to support it.

The purpose of this post is to show the photos in one collection below this radar view. They are technically funnel clouds, not tornadoes since they did not touch the ground. The structure was vivid, and could have led to problems, so best left up in the air.  Thanks to all that shared.

Radar During Tornado Warning


Funnel Cloud Photos





Continue viewing with caution…

Kathy is a friend of mine, so I left the full screen shot intact from her post on my Facebook wall.


Full view of the image:



So, there you have it 😮



Here was the image I originally posted.  I will have a weather update shortly


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