Crab Fest Showers Then Week Long Heat Wave

Crab Fest Showers Then Week Long Heat Wave

Wednesday July 20 – Most of our region will get a much needed break from the heat today, but not for long. The longest and strongest heat wave in four years will be building in by this weekend and lasting through all of next week. It looks like we could be challenging some records Sunday and Monday. Before that happens, most of our region will enjoy a pleasant day with temperatures in the mid 80s and comfortable humidity. However, there will be a cluster of showers on the lower eastern shore that may impact The Tawes Crab Feast And Crab Fest at Somers Cove Marina in Crisfield. Here is a look at today’s simulated radar and more on the heat below.

Simulated Radar –> slider

[metaslider id=38658]

Heat Wave

We just passed the climatologically hottest time of the year. As the sun gradually gets lower in the sky and the daylight grows a little shorter. Still, our average high in Baltimore today is 87°F, but the record is 102°F set in 1930. Yes, it can get that warm and has been long ago. I mention this because we could be challenging the triple digit heat for the first time in four years.

The core of the heat dome will reach us Sunday and Monday. But the lasting effects will continue through next week.  Her’s a look at the temperature anomalies, compared to average, aloft at 5,000FT (850 mb)

–> slider

[metaslider id=38665]

Here are the record high temps over the next week to consider:

  • Friday July 22  106°F in 2011
  • Saturday July 23  102°F in 2011
  • Sunday July 24  101°F in 2010
  • Monday July 25 100°F in 2010
  • Tuesday July 26 101°F in 1940
  • Wednesday July 27 101°F in 1940

Translation to Temperatures

Screen Shot2016-07-20 05_01_12


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