Lightning Video In Front Of Home And Top June 28 Storm Photos

Lightning Video In Front Of Home And Top June 28 Storm Photos

BaltimoreIndDayJune 28 – I just saw the new Independence Day movie and now most storm clouds keep reminding me of that. It’s not just shelf clouds, but that explosive roll that suggest it might have some fire and perhaps a spacecraft behind it. What hit Maryland today was spectacular in its own right, in many ways. My earlier post suggested the strong line would be enhanced by the winds off of the Bay, and they were indeed! Severe Thunderstorm Warnings followed the progression of this line from 4 PM through sunset. The display across the sky covered everything from incredible storm clouds, vivid lightning, and vivid rainbows. The video below of lightning in front of an Owings Mills home is just ridiculously close!

I am honored to have received so many amazing images capturing the storm, and it was tough to sort out what to share. But I had to and below they are in three categories: Clouds, lightning, and rainbows. But there is overlap. Thank you to all that shared. Credit attributed in each image. Please let me know what you like best.

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Storm Clouds














First the video… This video in front of the home of Tanzi Leary is a little too close for comfort. Her daughter captured this from the top floor after minutes of lightning striking all around. Notice there are two double strikes. One directly in front of the home and the other beyond the house in view: Bullock Farm near Greenspring Ave in Owings Mills. Often there are multiple flashes of lightning on video, and sometimes there can be false images from reflection on the lens. But if you look closely, the shape of the bolts are unique and they are beyond lucky.

Close up still frames





Other Bolts

This should be an ad for Baltimore Towing. Kenny Sigal took this pic and his friends were excited to share. I think he should get a cut of any additional business this generates for the company 🙂


Lightning AND a Rainbow!



Another close call in Parkville


If you have storm damage such as dents from hail, RPS can help

RPS BoxBlack

Rainbows And Doubles

Note: The colors are always in the same order with red on the outside an following ROY-G-BIV to violet on the inside. A double rainbow will have the secondary arch dimmer and with the colors in reverse order. Here are the 6 most vivid pics of the day






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This was posted as ‘All clear over Baltimore’ on Twitter.


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