Tornado Confirmed In Howard County June 21

Tornado Confirmed In Howard County June 21

Wed June 22 – The first round of storms that hit central Maryland on Tuesday June 21 packed quite a punch with large hail, lightning, and damaging winds. There was a tornado warning for a cell that hit hardest in western Howard County, and the National Weather Service confirmed an EF-0 tornado. That is the lowest on the intensity scale, but enough to cause damage across a 12 mile path. Minor damage did extend to the Columbia and Ellicott City area as well. Below are photos around the area and the National Weather Service report.

From NWS

...Tornado Confirmed in West-Central Howard County MD...

Location...West-central Howard County MD
Date...June 21 2016
Estimated Time...1:29 PM TO 1:48 PM EDT
Maximum EF-Scale Rating...EF0
Estimated Maximum Wind Speed...80 MPH
Maximum path width...500 Yards
Path Length...12.75 Miles
Beginning Lat/Lon...39.3314/77.1119
Ending Lat/Lon...39.2656/77.8913

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Initial tornado touchdown was established near the intersection of Old Annapolis Road and St. Michaels Road just southwest of Lisbon at 129 PM EDT. Properties there sustained tree damage with multiple trees snapped, uprooted, and topped in multiple directions. A large garage had its doors bowed by the wind. Small objects were lofted. West Friendship Post O

The tornado continued towards the southeast, passing through the areas of Glenwood and Glenelg, before lifting just before Ellicott City in the vicinity of Manor Lane and Carroll Mill Road. Along its path, the tornado caused nearly continuous tree damage, with large trees and tree branches snapped, uprooted, and topped in multiple directions. The trees downed many power lines and blocked multiple roads. Some trees and large branches fell on homes and garages. There were a few instances of minor roofing damage from the wind, but largely home damage was limited to tree falls. Several small outbuildings were either damaged or destroyed.


There was a telephone pole that crushed a truck and wast left dangling while over 30,000 people lost power. This was the account from Kenny Rowe:

In the woods were trees 2-3+ ft in diameter that were snapped at various heights or completely uprooted. Nearby where the truck was crushed was a very large tree that had fall through or into a house.  In the photo of the “shortened” telephone pole sticking out of the ground (after the crushed truck) the telephone pole was/is splintered at the base of where the pole was.





Woodbine was hardest hit as one tree fell into a house, thankfully with people inside, no one was hurt.







Adamstown: From Andy Thomas:

“Leveled my wagon shed, blew out an old milking barn, bent an old windmill in half, destroyed multiple trees one falling on my truck”



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