Summer Starts With Brightest Day In 68 Years The Severe Risk

Summer Starts With Brightest Day In 68 Years The Severe Risk

June 20 2016 – Summer starts today with the brightest day since 1948. The natural light we get today will be more rare than a professional sports championship in Cleveland. The Cavaliers just brought the first title to their city in 52 years, but it was 68 years ago when the Northern Hemisphere all benefitted from both the summer solstice and full moon on the same day. The weather will cooperate with sunshine, highest sun angle of the year, and heat leading up to the official start of summer at 6:34 PM EDT. This will be followed by a full night of moonlight with the Strawberry moon.

If you want to try something interesting today: Find a spot outside at 1 PM, mark and measure your shadow with chalk, and take a photo of it. Store that photo and compare to the same spot and shadow at 12 PM (standard time) on December 21. You will see the difference between the shortest and longest shadows of the year.

The weather outlook for summer does not have prolonged heat, but we do have a handful of days reaching 90°F. We also have a risk of severe storms Tuesday as a cold front slowly crawls through our region. Some showers will arrive overnight, but the flare up is likely just south of Baltimore tomorrow afternoon. The next wave could bring a similar set up for storms Thursday that we had last week. Two sliders show the break down below.

First Cold Front –> slider

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NOAA Storm Prediction Center Outlook Tuesday

RPS Banner

The potential for storms with damaging hail and winds in excess of 60 mph

Screen Shot2016-06-20 05_45_57

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Second Potential Outlook For Storms

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Dry weather will return on Friday and lead us into another sunny and warm weekend.


The outlook shows no prolonged heat waves, but a handful of 90 degree days

Screen Shot2016-06-20 05_44_02


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