Watch Mercury Transit Across Sun Today

Watch Mercury Transit Across Sun Today

Mercury_transit_sun_May9_2016Monday May 9 2016 – A rare sight today will be visible most of the day as the planet Mercury crosses in front of the sun. This happens once every 10 years and today it will be visible for eastern North America. While you should never stare directly at the sun, and this will not be something you will notice with your naked eye, there are ways you can watch it live online. Also, clouds will be returning today (I will post a weather update separately). Below are video links so you can view it here. First,  what you need to know:

  • “There’s a little black spot on the sun today” – The transit is similar to an eclipse, except the distance and size will not block out the entire view of the sun, rather be seen as a round dark spot.
  • Mercury will travel about 30 miles per second across the face of the sun.
  • This will begin at 7:21 AM EDT when Mercury will be visible on the edge of the sun
  • 11:20 AM EDT- midpoint.
  • This will end at 2:50 PM EDT when Mercury touches the other edge of the sun as it departs the view.
  • Mercury will take take 7.5 hours for the transit across 864,300 miles of the face of the sun. So this will take place much of the work day and you can watch it online.

NASA Rendition

What this should look like

“She is trapped inside a month of gray

and they take a little every day….

She’ll change so suddenly 
She’s just like mercury 
Yeah, but she’s all right with me”

-Mercury – Counting Crows

How To Watch



Live steam from

Live broadcast will begin at 7 AM EDT

Please share your thoughts, best weather pics/video, or just keep in touch via social media

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