Potential Record High With TStorms And Coastal Storm Next Week

Potential Record High With TStorms And Coastal Storm Next Week

Screen Shot2016-02-02 19_28_11February 2 – Now that we have had a chance to recover from the groundhog’s tainted early spring prediction this morning, I’ve had a chance to analyze the week ahead. There is a lot going on, so there are plenty of maps below to help me explain. The warm side of this latest blizzard will be warm and bring us potential storms. But I see most of the energy in the mountains just west and north of Baltimore. Still plan for a bumpy ride as strong winds surge us deep into the 60s. The record is 66°F set in 1932, and it will be close.

Behind the storm there will be a cool down, but not cold! That is part one of why I have held off on discussing the coastal storm next week.  The other part goes back to my theory before the winter started in my outlook: El Nino charged southern storms will get a push farther east. This will be faster and not time out to develop as normally expected. The blizzard we just had was a exception. Otherwise, long range foresting needs to be taken with a grain of salt. We will have more snow and plenty of winter to go. So there will be ample opportunity to prove Punxsutawney Phil wrong… Who doesn’t see his shadow on a clear day?!?



Wednesday Rain Timeline:

A lot of the energy will ride northeast along I-81 and some will pass the northern ‘burbs of Baltimore into York and Lancaster. A second surge may flare up showers in the evening near the Bay. Either way, we must considering the possible flooding with additional water from snowmelt.

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Mid Level Winds/Energy

Screen Shot2016-02-02 19_32_06


Screen Shot2016-02-02 19_32_20


Screen Shot2016-02-02 19_32_30


Next Storm:

A coastal will form along the southeast cost. These upper level maps show the energy. But the placement appears to be pushed to far east for us.  This is due to a stronger southern jet stream from El Nino’s push.  So the northern energy arrives a little too late

Screen Shot2016-02-02 19_41_02


Screen Shot2016-02-02 19_42_42


Track The Storm

We stick with the winner of the past few events.. the GFS Model

This looks like a New England storm. If you remember when I first showed this event, it was an Ohio Valley Low and I suggested it would keep getting pushed to the east. It just looks like its getting pushed out of our reach.  Note: Just yesterday this looked like it would clip us, but the cold air was not in place yet…

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But all is not lost…

There may be a secondary follow up event. Weaker, but a chance for light snow mid week

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Temperature Outlook

Even if the coastal was closer to us, there was a likelihood it would not be cold enough for us anyway.

Screen Shot2016-02-02 19_29_11


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