Doppler1120AMJanuary 23 11:30 AM- We are in the time of the storm now where the surface Low will be nearly stalled. This could last 3 to 6 hours, as the pressure deepens and it throws moisture back our way.  The latest doppler radar image shows the heaviest snow dumping at rates over 2 inches per hour. This zone is on the outer reaches of the coastal storm, and as that does its thing, the band of heavy snow will pivot, and eventually pull back east when the Low begins to move east as well. There will be 30 to 40 inches of snow in some places when this is done.

  • At this point, the places in the heaviest snow bands, will keep getting it. If your snow eased, it will pick back up during the afternoon. We are NOT done in the least.
  • Another 1 Foot of new snow is possible through this evening.
  • The blizzard is technically NOT a blizzard as of now. That criteria needs to be 3 hours in a row of 1 inch per hour snowfall rate AND 35 mph winds.
  • Coastal Beach Erosion with winds 50mph or higher



Coastal Low Stalling- Creating The Pivot

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How much snow will you get?

Have you seen my report of the top Baltimore snowstorms and history yet? That shows that we need 19.5″ to break into the top 10. We will get there (BWI is 14″ at last report).  My Final Call map showed 30″ in the bullseye. I think the upper end will be reached or breached by many. Yes, 40 inches in some places in Maryland are possible.  I think if we get close to 3 for totals, you might forgive my forecast for being a little conservative 😉 Compare My map to the latest update regional forecasts from all area National Weather Service Forecast Offices

Compare to Morning Snow Totals



Screen Shot2016-01-23 11_09_29


Screen Shot2016-01-23 11_10_40


Screen Shot2016-01-23 11_11_37


Screen Shot2016-01-22 22_58_10




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