January 2 2016 –  The irony of the sun returning this weekend is that is comes with colder air. This is just the beginning, as the overall pattern will look a lot more like winter over the next two weeks. The cold air that has been bottled up in the arctic will begin to dislodge and spread our way. Even the western US that has been hogging the cold and and snowy pattern will start to share. It won’t happen immediately, but the next brief arctic surge will help break the lock and perhaps send snow showers or flurries our way.

Screen Shot2016-01-02 08_37_57Here is a quick look at the two main parts of the pattern change. Note, the Lake Effect Snow chance for us is only to get flakes falling. No stickage expected east of the mountains, and it is not even reflected on the surface maps.  But the upper level energy shown in the first slider below supports some of those flakes moving farther south and east, reaching us by Monday evening. At least the chance of flurries and snow showers locally.

There is a potential storm next weekend, but the variables are still to chaotic to get specific. I will touch on that this evening. But the jet stream through mid January is looking much more like winter:

Monday: Flurries or Snow Showers?


[metaslider id=32316]

Take a look at the jet stream higher in altitude. This 500mb level is around 18,000 Ft. and shows the heigh differences which can translate to cold and warm air for us at the surface. It also can show the track and support for storms.

Jet Stream Turns To Winter This Month


[metaslider id=32324]


Temperature Translation:

Notice the second surge of cold air lasts longer. But this is just a gauge as we look far ahead. The overall pattern supports winter weather which is most important.


Screen Shot2016-01-02 08_22_00

Faith In The Flakes: It Will Snow… Eventually

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