planesunNovember20There’s a little black spot on the sun today.  Hard to avoid quoting The Police when seeing these stunning photos from France, and there might be more symbolism than that. I was first introduced to French photographer Sebastien Lebrigand online about a month ago. He has a style of capturing planes in flight using a zoom view as it traverses across a large view of the sun or moon. I was shown some of his incredible photos and they were spectacular to say the least.  This was the image he sent me this morning and it takes on a new message with the horrific terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday November 13. That was the day our hearts broke, and my Facebook feed is filled with many profile images still displaying the transparent image of the French flag.

Now a week later, I would like to pay tribute to the beauty Sebastien has captured recently. There are more images of planes in flight below. But first, the sadness of the day after the terrorist attack on November 14, when his French translation of ‘Black Day’ was shown in black and white.  Contrast that to sunset almost a week later, November 19, showed the sunset with the silhouette of the Eiffel Tower and it glowed brightly. Along with his tweet he wrote: “Paris ! Sunset ! Amour ! Eiffel I LOVE”. Compared to :





Please enjoy some of these other photos. Sebastien represents the essence of Paris and the artistic view of life.  Life vibrant and the world is uniting around France to maintain their freedom of spirit. I hope that as another show of support you will go back to my post of this article on Facebook: Like, share, and send your best comments so he and his fellow countrymen and women can see how much support we have for them, and how many of those profile photos have that French flag on display. Vive la France!  You can follow Sebastien Lebrigand on Twitter at @lebribri







Another Moon Photo: Boeing 757



I think this is a Cesna



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