Screen Shot2015-11-07 19_49_54The nation’s 6th largest 10K race will be spread over a few hours on Sunday november 8.  Between 7AM and 9:30AM there are multiple starting time waves for a races that begins in Annapolis and crosses the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, ending on Kent Island in Stevensville. Colder air will be with us, but buffered a little by the nearby water. So while it will be in the 30s inland, starting temps will be in the upper 40s for runners.  That’s a good thing. Building wind, not so much.

After sunrise, the air will mix and mid morning will be the windy part of the day. Considering that runners will be elevated on the Bay Bridge span, this will be maximized. It looks like a cross wind from northwest gusting 15 to 20 mph will be felt. Since runners will be heading east on the bridge, this will be a wind from left to right, with a little bit of a tailwind push. This will give you more road as a cushion to be pushed a little.  But honestly, it won’t be that bad. Check out the wind maps below. Good luck! Have Fun! Take and share photos.




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Mid Date Temperature

Screen Shot2015-11-07 19_50_07


What to wear?

Most runners warm up quickly when running. I would suggest shorts with a long sleeve shirt for guys. Shorts or leggings for women. Ladies can go revers with long pants and shirt sleeve shirt. Just have sweatshirt on hand for post race events.


Please share your thoughts, best weather pics/video, or just keep in touch via social media

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