MisileTest_SWUSNov7Numerous reports of strange lights over the southwest US sky this evening. It was not in the Mid Atlantic, but since we have many fireball reports shared here, I was informed about the event along with many questions.  Bridgette Guyer said many of her friends shared photos like these from San Diego, to Mammoth, to Palm DesertIn fact we just had a fireball sighting this past week when people were looking for a possible aurora instead.  But what was captured on camera from many, and seen by countless more was not a rock or debris from space entering our atmosphere.  It was in fact a missile test.

I first went to check for reports on American Meteor Society, but their site might have crashed from the numerous sightings. It was offline as of this post.

This video from ‘SomethingWonderful’ shows the blue lights over the span of a large urban area.  You can hear the erie confusion from the man behind the camera and those with him.

NBC in San Diego was first to confirm:

“Cmdr. Ryan Perry with the Navy’s Third Fleet said the Navy Strategic Systems Programs conducted a scheduled Trident II (D5) missile test flight at sea from USS Kentucky.”

Coast Guard Sector Los Angeles confirmed through the U.S. Navy that the light was a missile test out of Point Mugu. The Coast Guard sector confirmed that they spoke with the U.S. Coast Guard and confirmed it was a missile test.”




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