It is possible the warm temperatures have helped ease the pain of the clock change back to Standard Time, and also stave off the talk of winter ahead. Or has it? One of the old adages in Winter Weather Folklore mentioned a warm November and a harsh winter ahead. There is a good chance we switch to a colder pattern for the end of the month, and we will drop back as soon as Sunday. But for now it is well above average in Baltimore. The cynics would say this is just typical autumn weather.  I must agree. Before we go ahead and credit El Nino or even climate change, take a look at the records temperatures. Using extremes is a lot easier than sorting through all the years when temperatures reached the 70s in early November. It is more common than you might imagine.

Here is a snapshot of the record high temperatures recorded for Baltimore (BWI) compared to temperatures measured and forecast this week, and average for each date. A side note, there are showers in our outlook Thursday for a cool down, but bump on Friday November 6th will bring us our best chance to get a new record with a forecast above 77F, perhaps even spots in central Maryland near 80F. But that is the only one in this stretch. Just for fun, also check out the snow records below.



There is no rhyme or reason for any identifiable pattern in the heat seen in November. Climate change can be ruled out first because it has been established that no individual event can be attributed to that. Also, the two hottest record days for the month were in 1950.  There are two record dates in the last decade, but also two dates in the 1970s. As for El Nino- That’s an El No-No! 1950 was a La Nina (cool Pacific) year. 1974 and 1975 were also La Nina.

Record Snow In November

We do not have snow in the forecast, but I wanted to satisfy the itch for winter lovers. At least the question of what was possible this time of year around here…



I will have more on the expected showers and cool down with our forecast next (later this morning)


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