hornetnest_runner_trailDuring the fall of 2015, I spotted this giant hornet nest dangling roughly 30 feet above the York Heritage Rail Trail by the mile 14 marker. It was quite active, as you can see in the video below. It was also quite a concern for fellow runners and trail hikers. There is the obvious question, “What would you do?” You know what I did… I got out my camera. Ha! But I waited more than a month to share as this topic came up with my Winter Weather Folklore list I just posted.

A tough winter is ahead if: bees build their nests high in the trees.

My question about this is purely a question: Is this height for an exposed nest/hive high enough to constitute a ‘rough winter ahead’. Meaning more snow that normal. I have to defer to the experts for this one. Please reply with your thoughts after you see the rest.

Note: These are not bees. I had to do a little research as to whether they were wasps or hornets. Hornets tend to build their nests high up and exposed, plus they are larger than wasps.

This is pretty high up and exposed. It was freaky to see this hanging over the trail for a few weeks, but it was missing the week after I took these images. I am not shore if park workers or a storm took it down, but glad I wasn’t there to witness it.

Here are a few more photos for perspective. Check out the video below as well for a better look and close up of the activity.






Note that I was running and out of breath. I ran to get my phone and come back for this, so the close ups might be a little shaky.


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