SteamFogLakeMarburgA chilly October morning over warmer lake water with peak foliage was the perfect setting for watching steam fog. This is a low cloud hugging the water that is formed as the air is too cool to hold the moisture.  I was lucky to make the early morning trip to Lake Marburg in Codorus State Park by Hanover PA. While I had a camera to record the event, I did not have my tripod. So against better judgement, I attempted to record time lapse in addition to normal video. I still wanted to share the beauty and common meteorological occurrence in the Fall. This shows light wind helping to push the fog along.

If you live near or travel by the water, you may have seen this as well. We have numerous reservoirs and rivers that can provide the same set up for you. Below this morning’s video is one of my favorites from long ago. When I worked at WBAL, I did the morning traffic from their helicopter one year. I worked with my pilot between updates to record a similar, and more impressive scene over Loch Raven. If you watch that as well, check out the contrast to the view over nearby Towson.

Steam Fog On Lake Marburg


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