BackToFutureOn October 21, 2015 The Cubs were supposed to have won the World Series. The reality is that they are dan 0-3 to the Mets in the NLCS. Not having hover boards, self drying jackets, and flying cars might have clued us in, but there are many other things in Back To The Future that have worked out.  But my purpose here is about the weather.  Marty McFlay and Doc gave us a glimpse of in 1989 of what 2015 would look like and there are two weather references.

The trilogy was recently on basic cable so we could all relive the experience we should experience. Ha!  Check out the video clip below and see:
1. When they land in Hill Doc has a precise time when the rain will end to the second. Sadly like the Cubs (at least so far), the rain in California is not a normal occurrence and not the weather expected state-wide today.  In fact there is no hint of the record drought. Doc however, credits the National Weather Service while taking a jab at the Post Office. At least they knew both would still be around (barely)
2.  Marty’s son puts on multiple TV channels including The Weather Channel.  Notice it is channel 247. Also, the weather is done with claymation characters like the old Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer special.

What would you wish technology has brought us today?

Please share your thoughts, best weather pics/video, or just keep in touch via social media

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