SunriseKeyBridgeThis sunrise photo from Scott Hoggard on Tuesday shows the rising sun ‘under’ the Kew Bridge, but looks can be deceiving. The temperatures this morning are pretty much what we expect for afternoon highs this weekend. One cold front passed through on Tuesday and after hitting a high of 78F, temperatures today will be noticeably cooler. Afternoon numbers will be back where they belong, in the 60s. But three days from now another cold front will be the game changer.  This will take the jet stream into a winter like dip across the eastern US.

Runners in the Baltimore Running Festival on Saturday morning will likely start in the 40s downtown, and the wind might be gusty.  Keep on mind that when you see the forecast with 50s, that will be in the afternoon. Most runners will be finished before lunchtime. So dress for a chilly day for the run, but also warming up prior and celebrating after you finish.  This will open the gates for the cold air that will bring the first frost to central Maryland, the first freeze to many Baltimore suburbs and definitely west and north by Sunday.

Sunrise today at 7:15 AM

Sunrise Saturday (race day) at 7:18 AM

Screen Shot2015-10-14 05_36_39Looking at the next cold front, it might now seem impressive. This snapshot shows a narrow band of rain on Friday afternoon. This is not about the rain, but the wind and cold. Keep in mind that the adjustment will be felt Saturday morning and then all weekend. So we still have a few moderate days ahead.

Here is a look at how it will play out with the winds aloft. Below, a look at the temperature breakdown into next week.

Cold Air Shown By Wind Flow


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Temperature Outlook

This dramatic drop this weekend is shown by Baltimore’s BWI temperatures. The sunburns just west and north could be five to 10 degrees colder in the mornings. The next thing I will look at will be the Lake Effect snow that could brings snow showers to the mountains Sunday.

Screen Shot2015-10-14 05_42_20


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