Cat2The 8 PM September 30 update from the National Hurricane Center has upgraded Hurricane Joaquin to Category 2 with winds of 105 mph. Hurricane force winds reach 35 miles from the center, tropical storm force winds extend 125 mph. The next full update will by 11 PM, but at this time the forecast track remains as before with the center of the cone up the Chesapeake Bay.

At this point, weather balloon launches have increased from twice to four times a day to add more information to the Air Force Recon Missions. We will have much more intel and improved updated every 6 hours from this. But at this time, this is an interim update.

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What To Look For

The main computer model package will be arriving over the next few hours.  I want to stress that model watching at this point can make us all dizzy.   The main thing to watch will be Thursday when Joaquin will make the turn to the north. It should slow down, and that will be the true tell as to whether this will keep the north track or head out to sea. The majority of models support enough speed for this to keep moving and get pulling in by the trough over the eastern US. For it to take the east or ocean course like the European Model showed, it would have to stall and miss the pick up, only to get pushed out later on.  So Thursday will be the time to lock in on landfall. But even then, slight adjustments could take it south or north of the Chesapeake Bay track I showed earlier.

Screen Shot2015-09-30 17_06_33

Stand by…

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