Screen Shot2015-09-25 14_36_34It’s pretty well established at this point that the coastal storm will move in from the south during the weekend. As I discussed earlier, there is blocking High Pressure from Canada sliding towards New England that will prevent the rain moving north of southern Maryland on Saturday. Sunday however, that is when it spreads our way. But how much rain depends on that block. However, looking at many of the forecast models, there is one common theme that stands out.  There is a dry wedge from the northeast which will slow the progress of the rain into parts of our area. Scientifically we can see the influence of the large High Pressure system Vs. the storm. But others may have an argument that the Pope visiting Phildelphia could deserve partial credit.

Compare three more forecast maps for total rainfall ending on Monday. Using Baltimore as our center point, there is a wide range of rainfall potential between 0.30″ to over 1.0″. It still looks likely that the Ravens game will be wet. In fact rain should arrive in the morning. Southern Maryland and Virginia is in a better slot to get over 2 inches of rain, with the bulls eye across the North Carolina Outer Banks.  But a sharp cut off to the northeast wobbles between central Maryland and and Philadelphia, with the City of Brotherly Love and Pope Francis on the edge of little to no rain accumulation. This theory will be tested with The World Meeting of Families Papal Mass there between 4pm and 6:30 PM on Sunday September 27. It still will be breezy, cool, and damp.

Disclaimer: I am not Catholic. But if a world religious figure can get credit for holding off bad weather, who am I to argue? The Old and New Testament are filled with weather related stories. It was only a matter of time until someone mentioned it. If he could only clear the storm out so we could see the lunar eclipse, THAT would be impressive!

Screen Shot2015-09-25 14_39_34

Screen Shot2015-09-25 14_38_07


Screen Shot2015-09-25 14_41_00


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