Sep24MapThe promise of a coastal storm may have you thinking the worst. If you are on the coast, you have the right idea. But that does not always play out inland. Sure and east wind is usually cool and damp, but the main push of rain appears to now be on target for Sunday. Both days will have highs in mid to upper 60s. High Pressure to our north will block to first attempt of this storm to move north of Ocean City. The second push on Sunday looks like a soaker, especially at the Ravens game.  Could it be a good thing? The home opener for fans may not welcome the rain, but maybe the opposite of sunny and hot is the weather the team needs for their first win? The forecast is a bad thing for our hopes to view the lunar eclipse on Sunday night. Sorry.

If you live or boat on the bay, rain may take a back seat to sloshing. That means the water will push on to the western shore and lead to some flooding with the high tide. The other outlier is the super moon and lunar eclipse on Sunday. Getting the storm to clear out in time to view that might at the top of some lists for weekend events.


Flooding will be more likely from water coming up rather that what falls down. There will be a lot of rain with this storm, but the heaviest is set to fall to our south. Still, even a little rain can ruin outdoor plans. This section focuses on those who live or boat on the bay or beach.  The push of wind will keep the water pushed on the ocean shoreline and the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay. This sloshing is just like water in a bathtub back and forth. But the steady wind will keep water from receding with low tide, then up higher with the next high tide. Coastal flooding statements are common with storms like this, and here is the reason why.


Second half of the weekend… The latest run shows the rain delayed for central Maryland, leaving most away from Ocean City dry on Saturday.  But it will be hard to avoid the wet weather at SunFest most of the weekend. Sunday that all changes, as the High Pressure that blocks us from the north, moves out and allows the coast storm to move in. The total for central Maryland southward looks like 1 to 3 inches. Less in southern PA and westward.  Much more along the North Carolina Outer Banks, as they are already getting hit.


WRF Model

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GFS Model

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I will have more on the lunar eclipse in my next update. But as of now, the forecast may push us online to watch it across the Mid Atlantic region.


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