OC133The beach seemed to rip open and pour in by 133rd St of Ocean City today. This was the view from Amy Strahl, wondering what is happening. What has happened is the same battering this part of the beach has had to deal with much of the summer (see links below). But this is the first issue since Labor Day Weekend, when over 200 water rescues were performed in the first two days.

If you have been tracking my page this summer, I have highlighted routine storms that have beat up on Ocean City. Erosion is a natural process, and there is a strong debate based on the replenishment projects rebuilding the beaches, but disrupting the normal cycle of sand replacement. So occasionally when there are repeating storms. The official summer season may be over, but Ocean City brags extending it with Sun Fest this upcoming weekend. While the forecast of a coastal storm does not look too promising, its been the recent weather that is causing problems. The same pattern that brought an end to our late summer heat, had kept a persistent onshore flow along the beaches.

A River Runs Through It

That was the message attached to this video of what appeared to be a river running parallel to the coast in front of Golden Sands and through the 100s on the north side of Ocean City. The ocean is on the far right, while the dunes and structures are on the left. This ‘river’ has split the beach. So it appears the erosion problems extend for dozens of blocks. So a new inlet? Not yet, and let’s hope not for that matter. But storms tend to get stronger during fall, and it appears the beach is susceptible to more damage.


Rip Currents

The wind flow has been onshore pushing up against the beaches since Sunday. This should ease a little for a day, but could return this weekend depending on the development of a coastal storm.

Screen Shot2015-09-23 20_12_23


Weekend Outlook

Screen Shot2015-09-23 20_32_18I will have more details on the weekend forecast next, but here is a quick look. The GFS Model I have been sharing keeps flip flopping on the storm placement. There will be increased easterly winds, and the storm expected to develop, will move northward Saturday night into Sunday.

My concern goes beyond the storm. We have a full moon Sunday night, highlighted by being a super moon and a lunar eclipse. This will only act to enhance the natural flow and increase tides. Not a good set up for the beaches that are likely to experience more beach erosion.

Check back for more.  But see some of those other Ocean City storm story links below.


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*Follow Up Video Set To Music

Flooding in Ocean City: Second Day In A Row With Flooding Along Maryland And Delaware’s Coast



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