Screen Shot2015-09-19 08_38_45If you woke up early enough, you make have experienced the fog advisory. That has since burned off, leading to another warm day. But this is good timing to start the weekend and might be perfect for the Maryland Wine Festival where temps should reach the lower 80s.  this should be our last warm day in a while, so make the most of it.

Chance of rain? Not really today, unless you head to western PA.  But a shower overnight will signal a cold front and a change. But that change will not be from the front, but a developing Low off of the southeast coast that will wander all next week.

There is a very slim chance for this system to develop into anything tropical. However, it does look like it will organize and linger off of the coast as it drags in the wind off of the Atlantic. That will not only keep our temperatures cooler, but bring in more moisture. The rain risk will be greater along the coast and just south in Virginia and North Carolina. But there could be some scattered showers building during the week. The slider here shows the GFS Model but focuses on the 10 meter winds. The circulation and speed become more prominent later in the week. This is reflected in the temperature outlook below. So if you are tired of the heat, get set for lower 70s, and perhaps even the 60s by next weekend.

[metaslider id=28703]
 Temperature Outlook



Screen Shot2015-09-19 08_36_58


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