The full moon Saturday August 29th occurs at 2:35 pm, but what makes this special is that it will occur at the point when it is closest to Earth during its orbit. The movement around our planet takes about 29 day, and is not an exact circle, but more like a football or oval shape. Sometimes that coordinates when it is full, or opposite the sun showing the full lit side.  So when it rises in the evening, the moon will appear to be slightly larger than normal, and the weather should cooperate.

The increase in size might be more noticeable when it rises or sets with perspective or contrast to a surface object like a tree or building. Another popular way to show to this is trying to capture an airplane flying in front of the disk.

*Kristin Hollis of Cloudjumper Photography captured this view of the ‘Blue Moon’ last month.

Moonrise Time

In Baltimore: 7:37 PM (sunset at 7:42 PM)

Note: A few minutes early in Ocean City, later farther west.

You may not see the moon for up to 30 minutes in your location if there are hills, trees, or buildings obstructing the eastern horizon.

Moon Photography: When the Blue Moon Was Orange (July 2015)

Next Supermoon will be a Lunar Eclipse

September 27 (in the US) we will be treated to a slightly larger view while the moon also passes in the shadow of Earth. At that point, a lunar eclipse will occur. A super moon is considered such when it is within 224,834 miles of Earth.  In September the moon will pass 221,753 miles.

Should the weather cooperate, we will begin to see the eclipse take place after 8 PM, with the transitions lasting through midnight.

The third super moon in this string will be October 27th.

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