2LightningBoltsAug20TimSThe crash of lightning on film or video from a distance is much better than the near crash of the stock market and IndyCar’s Justin Wilson tragedy this past week. There has been so much bad news, including the horrific fatal shooting of two journalists that I felt the need to take a break and focus on my two boys heading back to school. However, I also wanted to share recent videos of two weather events over Baltimore captured on video as a distraction. In the chaotic appearance of things sometimes, there can be hidden rewards. Weather is often like that and luckily we have talented people who can point their camera and capture those gems.

The photos and video from Tim Shahan stand on their own as he has provided eye candy on many occasions. So please don’t let my message here take away from that.  I wanted to share these sooner, but now is as good a time as any. This pic of a double strike is part of the first storm video. Please enjoy both below along with links to many other of Tim’s work.

Lightning Storm From August 20



Rolling Clouds From August 24 storm

The camera shifts a few times to center in on the convergence and convection of The Baltimore Inner Harbor.


The other recent Tim Shahan post was Nature’s Flashbulb as he captured the purple glow over Baltimore form natural strikes

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