FarmersAlmanacsWinter lovers may be rejoicing at two recent publications looking towards this winter of 2015-2016. There has been a lot of buzz about El Nino being the strongest on record, and I will have more on that impact for our region coming up. But here is a look at what you may see on your local supermarket shelf, or blown up to poster size and fixed on the walls of many teacher’s classrooms. Just a quick look at the larger maps below maps show both the Old Farmer’s Almanac AND Farmer’s Almanac point towards a long and active winter.  However I should point out that the influence of El Nino and potential coastal storms does bring with it the chance of ocean air getting wrapped inland. That is what the Old Farmer’s Almanac shows with ‘Cold and Wet’ creeping on to the west side of the Chesapeake Bay.

Note: These are just rough gauges and not gospel. Whether you subscribe to their accuracy or not, an entire winter can not be simplified by one map. So please take this with a grain of salt.  But if you want more leads toward winter, check out my folklore page link below.



Farmer’s Almanac





Old Farmer’s Almanac

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