IMG_2201Today we will cross the finish line. We will be done with our trek across Maryland, but so many kids are not done with their fight against cancer. Help us help them! Today is for 5 year old Andrew Oberle, the same age as my younger son. Know that after reading his story below, I will be hugging my son so tightly when I see him at the beach when we finish. Being a dad is the greatest joy of my life. Part of why I did this trek was for them. To show them to push themselves to their limits, never doubt what they can do, and appreciate the blessing of health we have in life. Sharing stories and meeting some of the Cool Kids is a way we can share our optimism with them and maybe help carry them over the top. More on Andrew below. But first…

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If you are in Ocean City, please come down to the Inlet and welcome my team as we finish close to 3 PM (Saturday Aug 15). We won’t stop until we hit the water. After the celebration and joyful tears on the beach, come join us for our post party at Bayside Skillet between 76th and 77th St. We may be eating and drinking until the sun goes down.

ckctrek2FORWEBDONATEAlso, if you have enjoyed the stories and photos this week, please consider even a small $10 donation to the Cool Kids Campaign programs. Help us get to our goal. The families that were part of meeting Governor Hogan on Thursday are among many that need to know they are not alone. I am in this battle with them because I know first hand about fighting an illness with dire potential all alone in a lengthy hospital stay. See my story to know why this is so important to me.

Day 7 – Andrew Oberle

5 years old

Type of Cancer: Pre–B Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL)

Lives in Monkton, MD

AndrewIn the words of his parents….

Andrew Oberle is 5 years old and has two older sisters who are 7 and 8 years old. From birth, Andrew has been big and strong, “crushing ” the recorded birth weights of his sisters weighing in at a hefty 10.5lbs on May 3, 2010. His next big milestone occurred on July 17, 2014 when he was four years old and diagnosed with T-Cell Leukemia.

Ever since, Andrew has been” pushing his weight” against his cancer fight and has given his family and friends amazing inspiration. Andrew has bravely endured numerous rounds of chemo, countless spinal taps, painful side effects leaving him to wear braces to walk, blood and platelet transfusions, surgery to insert a port in his chest (which he will have for the next three years of cancer treatment), and as he says “way too many pokies” from needles.

Through all of this, Andrew has continued to find the strength to play T-Ball, route for “Coach Buck” and his beloved Orioles, take swimming lessons, and pass the grade to go to Kindergarten this fall despite over three months of hospital stays. Needless to say our family’s new “home away from home” is the Herman and Walter Samuelson Children’s Hospital at Sinai in Baltimore, Maryland under the watchful eye of Andrew’s new best friend Dr. Joe Wiley and his amazing team of doctors and nurses.

Andrew and his family are honored and proud to be asked by Justin as inspiration in his cause to help the Cool Kids Campaign. Remember that even though kids get cancer, we like to have fun and still NEED to be kids!!!


It is our honor to dedicate this final day to you. We will carry you on our route through Salisbury, and on to the beach with the other Cool Kids this week. It is our hope that as we reach the sand and the surf, you will feel it. Soon, you will be there playing like you should be.

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