Sideling HillWe started Day 2 of our Trek Across Maryland, Monday August 10 2015 in Cumberland MD. Today was for Jaidan Richardson. Below is a recap of our day along with the cool 3D animation of our route and health breakdown from my Suunto Ambit 3R watch.  It was long, but we ended strong. More than 9 hours and 43 miles got us over Sideling Hill. It really is a mountain! If you have driven through the rock cut on I-68, bikes aren’t allowed on there. So our route on Alt 40 took us over the top. We were tired, but we crushed it and now it is behind us.  Please read on below. Note you can track us live on my new Trek page, and please consider a donation to Cool Kids Campaign, which is why we are doing this anyway.
Wayne got a flat tire yesterday, so we had to drop it off at a bike shop before we set out for our hike.  Along with my media posting, we got out an hour later than we wanted. Then my route had a slight adjustment to last year’s trek and I think I added an extra mountain. Ugh!

See the Health and Tech stuff below. First our 3D video from my Suunto watch

TrroperMillerWhen we got to the hill next to Rocky Gap, I saw Dennis (our crew chief) helping a man with a flat tire. Then I spoke with a state trooper who drive by. Next thing we know, the guy- Ed Burton, donated $20 to our Trek! Love him! Trooper Miller happens to be a cyclist and saw Wayne’s bike in the shop that morning.  We might recruit him for a day next year.



ckctrek2FORWEBDONATEThe day was long, but thanks to the clouds and some drizzle, it wasn’t as hot as day 1.  But when we reached to top of Town Hill at mile 27, we had trepidation of what was ahead.. Switching from hiking to biking of for the next 16 miles included Sideling Hill. THE HARDEST PART of our week crossing Maryland. Let’s just call it a mountain already, huh?  So at mile 32, we reached it. Turn and Burn! Low gear and we plugged a few miles to the top. What an elation. But just as we thought we were done, racing a few miles downhill at 40 mph, there were a few more hills that kept on coming. As we reached the top of the last one I let our a cheer. Too bad a dog heard it and came for the attack. Seriously! At 30 mph he caught my bike and tried to nip a me. I have witnesses!

Tech Stuff:

Map of our route between Cumberland and Hancock




Health Stuff

Video: Start, Transition, and End Recap

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