LoriMartinOCJuly20A lot of drama and quick changing dramatic scenes at the beaches today. Lori Martin captured the contrast of lightning to rainbows across Assawoman Bay. Many more scenes to share here. A storm that started in Fenwick Island DE and dropped 3 inches of rain, slowly dropped south to Ocean City, MD between 3 and 4 PM. Frequent lightning strikes and loud thunder chances people off the beaches before the rain arrived. Up to 3 inches of rain led to Flash Flooding that lingered for hours after the rain stopped. Below is a collection of some of the top photos and video shared with me online. Thanks to all for helping show the impact of this little storm.

Quick update on the rainfall. Doppler Radar Estimate shows between 1 to 3 inches fell with the heaviest centered on Fenwick Island. North Ocean City picked up nearly 2 inches, but very little fell southward towards the Inlet.  Most was near and north of Rt 90.


See my initial report with flood photos here.

Video Of The Flooding:

Downtown Diane sent me Linda Z’s video via Twitter.

Just a reminder, please turn your phones sideways for landscape mode. That usually shows up better when shared.

Lightning Photos:


Before showing the strikes, I must point you to come back later and see…











     Two Pics From Macky’s Bayside Bar and Grill Perhaps this is a sign they should host my post trek (Crossing Maryland For Cool Kids Campaign) Happy Hour on Aug 15th? If so, I’d love for someone to contact me. StormOC . This pic from Ryan Donovan was sent to me half a dozen times. I understand why. Wow!!!   .MackysBaysideBar . *This is why beaches get evacuated quickly. Thankfully this bolt was offshore.   BeachBolt  


EmilyMessina‎59St. Eight More Beach Rainbows In This Slider –>

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