More organized and more support, this cluster of storms east of Ocean City and Virginia Beach now has a 40% chance to become a tropical storm this week. If it does organize with winds over 39 mph, it would be named Claudette. For now it is labeled Invest 92L.  All of the action has been in the Pacific, and we do expect a low season locally thanks to the building El Nino.

Below is a look at the latest satellite loop animation,  images, and forecast (intensity and tracks), which show this continuing to move away from the coast to the northeast.  The main threat is increased waves, but also rough travel for the Bermuda cruise lines. I was on one recently and the water in the Gulf Stream was turbulent. Otherwise the track points towards eastern Canada. We are still looking west for a more direct impact from severe storms this week. More on that in my morning post.

Satellite Images (–> slider): Invest 92L

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Satellite Loop: Floater

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Tracking Two Days Of Severe Storms This Week



Screen Shot2015-07-13 11_32_17


Screen Shot2015-07-13 11_33_03




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