This is one of those things you can file under ‘ you don’t see this everyday’. Then again, it’s not every day, or month for that matter we have this rainfall reaching double digit inches. You’ve heard of singing in the rain, but it looks like this dancing manhole cover was sloshing in some Baltimore uptown funk for sure.  So much water today forced it to lift up and bounce around. Watch the geyser spew more than six feet in the air and listen closely as Sam Kahl captured this on his street today. But note, the flood warning was no laughing matter for many stranded vehicles and homes under water right now.

Baltimore Manhole Cover Popped Up In Flood

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Rainfall (so far)

Between 2 to 4 inches fell around Baltimore City, but also consider that water up north has to drain through it’s way to the Bay, adding to the water levels.

Screen Shot2015-06-27 20_50_08

So is the way June 2015 goes in Baltimore, the wettest June on record. Doppler Radar estimates showed 2 to 4 inches of rain has fallen already and as of this post more was on the way.  Stay tuned for a round up of the worst flooding photos in my next post. I will have a complete profile of this record wet month when it finally ends. There’s only three days left, so it can’t end soon enough.

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