Screen Shot2015-06-26 06_46_56The rain that arrived overnight was just enough to put Baltimore over the top for a new record. The daily rainfall of 0.41″ put this month of June 2015 at 9.98″ at BWI Airport, breaking the old record of 9.95″ set in 1972. I have mentioned for a few days that was thanks to Agnes. This year we did have the remnants of Tropical Storm Bill. Perhaps the entire pattern of rain and flooding in Texas during May shifted north and east. We do have a heavy rain event on the way this weekend, which will start to compare to even wetter months records.

How much snow? That is a common question, and if you did a straight 10:1 ratio, this would be just under 100 inches. But it’s only fair to add that this could never happen simply because warmer temperatures can hold more moisture. So if it was 32F, each one of those storms would not have been able to dump that much precipition.

Below is a comparison of other monthly rainfall records and one interesting thing stands out: Extremes sometimes come in bulks. There are two years that have multiple record months still on the books.

Screen Shot2015-06-26 06_59_36


The winter of 1979 stands out with back to back record months in January and February.

Most extreme: 
1889 – Three record wet months: April, May, and July.

El Nino? La Nina?

The El Nino pattern has been getting blamed for the weather pattern, but the bulk of our record wet months have actually occurred in La Nina years. That is a pattern in the Pacific Ocean with cooler than normal water temperature as the warm pocket shifts back west towards Australia.

More On The Way?

This is one of many forecasts that support at least 1 to 3 inches with higher pockets. Most will fall Saturday afternoon and night.

Screen Shot2015-06-26 07_25_51

See my last look at the storm track and timing this weekend. I will have an update this morning.


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