On Saturday September 20th I was heading to Philadelphia for the Rock N Roll Marathon race expo. I signed up for the race, but could not run it for logistics. Something told me that I still needed to go tot he expo and get my shirt. That is something I never do if I don’t run, but I had this gut feeling.  Perhaps it was the same thing that told me to do that Trek Across Maryland last month and had another purpose.

While en route eastbound sometime between 1:30 and 2 PM, I got stuck on I-76 just outside King of Prussia for a bad accident ahead. There were two firetrucks, two ambulances, and a large tow truck that raced down the shoulder.  It appeared it might be a while.  

Traffic Jamming

After roughly 30-45 minutes, a lot of people just got out of their cars and starting commiserating. In the mix. I met two musicians David Gettes and Paul Downie of Trinidad North Steel Drums who said they might miss their next gig.  I saw an opportunity for some fun and glad I was able to convince them to break out their instruments right there on the highway. It didn’t take much to reach the same conclusion that it would make a lot of people happy and pass the time better than just being frustrated. With all due respect to the people involved in the crash, we felt bad, but there was nothing we could do about it. Our section was about a mile away, we missed being in it by about a minute based on highway speed.

So David and Paul set up their drums right there on the highway. At first by the jersey wall, then they moved out to the middle for better viewing. The limbo and conga line that broke out was just before the accident was cleared. You will here me respond to someone saying, “We’re done? Awww…” as it was time to wrap up.

Maybe this is the kind of feel good story that should get national attention?

Making lemonade out of lemons, this was a classic example of seeing the best of a situation and not wasting energy stressing over something you can’t control.  I made a promise to share their good deed and good time, so here it is.



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*This might be about to go viral…

 NBC 10 in Philadelphia picked up the story and video. See it on their web site here.

CBS Philadelphia also covered the story